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Destiny will be awesome!


Destiny will be enormous. We imply that both as in its a huge diversion, with enormous maps and an appalling part of multiplayer and single-player content, and as in it will likely be enormously well known. With an evil mix of Borderlands, Halo games, WoW, Doom and Diablo, it as of now looks set to be a slumber wrecking, fixation shaping time sink. It may be the most vital FPS in the not so distant future. It may – might conceivably – satisfy all the buildup.

You commence by picking a race and afterward a class in Destiny, with Humans, the ambiguously elvish Awoken and the automated Exo making up the previous, and Hunters, Titans and Warlocks making up the recent. Your decision of race doesn’t appear to have much effect, bar RPG-style adaptable looks, however class is more imperative. Each has it specialisms, it capacities and it ability tree, with Titans your broadly functional warrior, Hunters the scout/officer prime example and Warlocks wizard-like harm me

Destiny logo

Destiny logo

We can say this with some trust having invested a tremendous lump of time playing the Destiny PlayStation4 alpha. This ends up being a really not too bad cut of Bungie’s behemoth – however not as strong as what we’ll get when people in general beta dispatches in July – embodying the Old Russia segment we’ve seen in past reviews, three missions and a share of the Pvp multiplayer amusement. Given that you could without much of a stretch use a decent six to eight hours in the crusade content without getting exhausted, and that is on only one 9km square guide, that must be a decent sign. Read more about the topic @ werzo.

Call of Duty Ghosts is performing poorly on next-gen


Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ PlayStation 4 debut hasn’t gone too smoothly, with some reviews citing noticeable performance issues – even compared to the 360 game – along with the recent revelation that the single-player campaign is only running at 720p and not the full HD 1080p resolution promised by the developer.

Call of Duty Ghosts madness shoot shoot shoot

Call of Duty Ghosts madness

Curiously, it turns out that the resolution issue is just a bug that slipped passed quality assurance testing, and this has since been resolved in a day-one patch. All retail and download copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts are affected, so in order to get the full 1080p experience you’ll need to download and install the update when it goes live in time for the PS4′s European release on the 29th November.

So, the PS4 version of Ghosts now runs natively in 1080p across all modes, but how much of an upgrade are we looking at? And have the performance issues pointed out by early reviews been resolved? While working on the upcoming next-generation Face-Off, we took the time to find out, capturing a few hours of the game with and without the patch installed to get a comprehensive view of the situation. Our head-to-head video below should give you an idea of what to expect, and we’ve also put together a small comparison gallery.

First up, it’s clear that the patch restores 1080p resolution, as promised. Imagery is naturally much sharper, and the increase in artwork clarity is obvious. While the compromised 720p presentation is clearly superior to the current-generation versions of the game, the boost in resolution to 1080p makes the difference far more obvious.

Now equalised with the PC version at native 1080p, we also get a sense of just what compromises have been made in the PS4 game compared to the flagship computer version. Initial impressions reveal a downgrade in texture resolution, slightly lower quality shadows, and less advanced ambient occlusion offering less coverage across the scene.

This fact upsets gamers in many counties over the Globe, Hungarian readers also expressed their bad feelings for Call of Duty Ghosts performance problems.
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Epic scissors


Scissors have advanced gradually throughout the years. Luckily for the tricky, Designer Tamás Fekete has cut through centuries of shear reiteration and planned another match of scissors that cut flawlessly straight lines with no ruler needed. The top/left part sits on top of the table while the bottom/right half presses against the side of it, squaring the scissors and preparing impeccable cuts unfailingly. This guy invented the Vector Scissors

Epic Scissors Cuts Straight

Improved over six months and endless models, Fekete’s scissors characteristic some shrewd ergonomic results. The thumb handle is pointed to keep the edges from tying while likewise securing the client from frightful paper cuts. In the wake of playing with more than enough models, he discovered that the two finger development of most scissors might make for blunderous cuts and improved the shape to captivate the entire hand—an arrangement that gives better adjust, more unwavering decreases, and a more agreeable grasp. To avoid the shears from scratching the table he marginally adjusted the edges that came into contact with it and flush mounted the pivot focus. In spite of the creative outline, the scissors still work in the conventional way, and lefties are still out of fortunes.

Are you ready to try the epic straight cut scissors?



LEGO THE MOVIE iS COMING! As of recently we realize that little yellow hands will spare the (realistic) planet from demolition on Feb. 7, 2014, when The Lego Movie debuts, however now we have discovered that yellow hands will turn all ninja-like for a brief moment Lego-themed film from Warner Bros.


The predominant film will emphasize the vocal aptitude of Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman morphing Lego considers along with planet safeguarding heroes. The sibling written work group of Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman will additionally compose the following Lego portion, Ninjago, in light of the precise famous line of Lego toys — which recently brought forth both a Nintendo amusement and a Cartoon Network Tv arrangement.

While not straightforwardly associated with The Lego Movie, the new motion picture which offers different varieties of ninja-sort Lego dolls fighting mythical serpents, snakes and other general evilness—does offer an assembly of makers in Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Dan Lin and Roy Lee. Warner Bros. has additionally indicated its earnestness with the second film as we see with the huge stars lined up for the first motion picture by selecting Charlie Bean (Tron: Uprising) to administer.

While we don’t have a discharge date for Ninjago, with two Lego motion pictures as of recently arranged, Warner Bros. without a doubt trusts those minor small yellow hands are creating gold.

Breaking Bad


The abundantly expected last scene of “Breaking Bad” drew the religion TV show’s biggest ever gathering of people – 10.3 million viewers – yet there were likewise more than 500,000 unlawful downloads, figures show. The arrangement, revolved around once lowly science educator turned pill master Walter White, finished Sunday with an exciting peak to its fifth and last season a week in the wake of winning best acting piece at the Emmys, TV’s Oscars.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

In finishing so it drew 3.7 million a greater number of viewers than the penultimate scene seven days prior, which itself had set an arrangement record at 6.6 million, the appraisals tracker Nielsen said, refered to by industry diary Variety. “Breaking Bad,” set in the hazardous universe of methamphetamine (gem meth) exchanging, which White ascents to command, entranced viewers with a mixed drink of fastidiously made plot, fine acting and grand Polaroid work. Be that as it may it was the shocking transformation of White’s normal gentleman persona into that of a veritable creature that at last enraptured gatherings of people. White, played by on-screen character Bryan Cranston, turned into a meth producer in the New Mexico city of Albuquerque, having studied at age 50 that he had terminal lung growth.

With his financial balance everything except unfilled the lead character apparently took the extreme choice to pay for his medication and accommodate his family, yet the underworld he enters inevitably catches him in unanticipated manner, catapulting him into the part of a criminal kingpin dreaded by his adversaries. Be that as it may much as he figures out how to realize his unique objective – at one focus raising around $80 million for himself – his existence spirals crazy and closes in catastrophe for large portions of the characters included in the show. The last scene’s record appraisals, then again, were less than the most amazing group of onlookers for “The Walking Dead” on 12.4 million, however very nearly three times the biggest ever figure for grant winning publicizing dramatization “Mad Men,” which drew 3.5 million for the first show in its fifth arrangement.

Breaking Bad Backstage Emmy 2013

Breaking Bad Backstage Emmy 2013

Breaking Bad performing artists Bryan Cranston and Paul touch base on celebrity lane for the 65th Emmy Award. While AMC, the link channel which shows “Breaking Bad,” will be content with the high appraisals, they will be less satisfied at the amount of individuals who viewed the last scene through illegal methods far and wide. The show was wrongfully downloaded more than half a million times inside 12 hours of the first unlawful duplicate seeming internet, as per online robbery news site Torrentfreak. Australia had the biggest number of unlawful downloads with 18 percent of the sum, accompanied by the United States on 14.5 percent, Britain on 9.3 percent, India on 5.7 percent and Canada 5.1 percent, it reported. Different nations in the top 10 for unlawful downloads incorporated the Netherlands, Poland, the Philippines, France and South Africa. Torrentfreak said the show was unlawfully viewed even in spots where it was accessible lawfully.

“Taking a gander at the agenda of nations… its clear that robbery is still uncontrolled, even in nations where individuals do have the choice to watch the show lawfully,” it said.

Twitter remarks surged some time recently, throughout and after Sunday’s “Breaking Bad” scene, making it the top stacked up Social media buzz creating show of the nighttime, consistent with the Socialguide tracker of social media activity. The epic show triggered three times the same amount tweets as the following most discussed occasion, a NFL match between the  Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.